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Sunscreen! And plenty of UPF....

Melanie on Tue 5 Jun

I know someone who thinks, without hesitation, that the most potent anti-aging routine you can practice, is sunscreen!  And I agree.. But do you know anything about UPF?  Yes, that's UPF, as well as SPF.

Escape to Whatley Manor to boost your personal style and well being

Melanie on Sat 24 Feb

Escape to the Cotswolds for a day, or two. Learn how to develop your personal style and dressing know-how with me in a beautiful setting.  I'm delighted to be working with the wonderful, intuitive team at Whatley Manor...

My favourite tips for avoiding shopping anxiety

Melanie on Tue 7 Nov

"I love clothes but I hate shopping" is a statement I have heard quite often.  For some the abundant options and power of retailing causes anxiety, wasted expenditure, confusion and sometimes shopping-addiction. Step this way for tips on how to cope better when shopping overwhelms...

Buildable Basics in your capsule wardrobe

Melanie on Mon 16 Oct

It can bring on a restless feeling when the core of your wardrobe isn't working.  When the basics lack cohesion - here's some reassuring direction for your spiralling thoughts...

The Mirror of East and West

Melanie on Mon 24 Apr

I can think of no other language in the world which is as expressive and evocative as the language of textiles. One region of our abundant world which has influenced Western design and fashions for centuries long is India.  Energetic prints, fabric movement (and sound), rich embroidery, elegant necklines, symmetry in tailoring, eye-catching jewellery..

Signature Look - get the know-how for Autumn Dressing

Melanie on Tue 1 Nov

When it comes to being confident about your transitional autumn wardrobe, creating your signature look really can be a cinch.  Do you know how?

Emily Bronte: "Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree"

What the personal stylist asked the vice president of sales

Melanie on Sat 25 Jun

I asked Texan-born, senior software executive, Michael about his personal values and the influence of his dressing style on the business day ahead.  Specialised in positioning start-ups for IPOs, VC investment and global market expansion - he has the "Hook 'Em" mindset.

Your (very) individual view of a colour palette

Melanie on Tue 15 Mar

You may recall a lively social media debate about the colour of a dress back in the February of 2015. Was the bodycon dress blue with black fringing or white with gold fringing? There’s a very interesting account of this controversy in this article which concludes - “When context varies, so will people’s visual perception”.

A personal stylist who says shop for wool!

Melanie on Wed 24 Feb

Did you know that Wool is a superior fibre that offers a natural, sustainable element to your personal style?  When you buy wool you not only get to enjoy a long list of personal benefits but you help to support the wool producers (sheep farmers) - and make it possible for them to keep and grow their flock.  Less sheep will result in...

Top 6 Business Advantages for a Simpler Wardrobe

Melanie on Sat 7 Nov

Scaling down your business wear brings big advantages yet your version of a simpler wardrobe can be different to someone else's. So how do you get a simpler wardrobe which works for you and your personal style and gives you great advantage for your leading role in business?

Personal Styling workshop delivers to leading firms in Berkshire

Melanie on Sat 31 Oct

It was an honour to bring a personal styling workshop, with a difference, to some 45 guests at Reading's five-star Forbury Hotel last Friday afternoon.  In association with Blandy & Blandy, Moore Stephens, Clydesdale Bank and Vail Williams - Melanie Sarah Personal Styling was invited to inspire this savvy audience...

Thames Valley Business: How a personal stylist helps Green Park Startups

Melanie on Mon 5 Oct

Every business owner will remember their first crucial year - the leap to actually starting their startup.  For the keen entrepreneur, every activity behind the scenes can feel like a priority but how many put personal image in their master plan? .....

Personal branding and portrait photography

Melanie on Wed 16 Sep

Go on, admit it, did you upload a recent snap when asked for an image for your social media profiles, biography or website? Or did you prepare for this golden opportunity to get across your personal branding – just like other savvy business owners?

Office wear and why…

Melanie on Wed 1 Jul

When it comes to office wear there’s no doubt that we expect those who are customer facing to look the part - from receptionist greeting to management meeting! 

And it’s not simply about appearance; it’s a question of brand destruction versus brand enhancement.

The personal stylist and the clothes moths

Melanie on Wed 24 Jun

As ever this year has included some highly practical projects.  For example, in the process of streamlining clients’ existing wardrobes I also give advice about dealing with that dastardly enemy of the vintage fashion collector – clothes moths.  Who knew a Personal Stylist had to be ready to do battle!

Business of dressing when exporting your British brand

Melanie on Fri 12 Jun

There is global demand (it's stronger than ever) for Brand Britain beyond our shores and a 'golden opportunity' for the first-time exporters who have been working hard to maximise their competitive advantage...

A personal stylist’s 8 top tips for superb Wedding Makeup

Melanie on Wed 22 Apr

For my work as a personal stylist, one sentence really matters in all of my assignments – “Client’s happiness, always” - never is this more important, however, than for the bride on her wedding day so I thought I’d share my top tips about that all important wedding makeup

Actually my first three tips start way before the big day and that’s:

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