Thames Valley Business: How a personal stylist helps Green Park Startup community

on Mon 5 Oct

Following the success of 2014's Thames Valley Tech Week, ConnectTVT hosted The Festival of Digital Disruption at Green Park in Reading - a week long celebration back in April of all things digital in the Thames Valley.  Melanie Sarah Personal Styling was invited along to provide makeover sessions and returned again in the May as event speaker on 'Value Proposition' for the startup-accelerator bootcamp series.

What's been really interesting is how they're progressing through a mix of shop-front channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, press articles and their website itself.  I have a good feeling about those who put personal style in their business core values from the start.

My aim as a personal stylist for the Thames Valley is to make people's lives easier, helping them start their day from a position of real clarity.  A colleague once quoted his baseball coach, whose mantra was "Look good, play good".  I passionately believe this translates into all areas of our lives.

The startup community at Green Park like to network.  They depend on technology and they are usually highly visible in the digital world.  We all like to get a gold star rating and I'd like to acknowledge those Thames Valley startups who have embraced their personal style improvements. The only way for you is up!

© Melanie Brewer

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