Personal branding and portrait photography

on Wed 16 Sep


The eyes have it

Inspiring photographs often capture the essence of someone through their eyes so don’t miss out on this chance to bring out the best in them to engage with your target market.


As a trained makeup artist, I have seen under-eye shadows hidden, wrinkles softened and eyes sparkle through the use of good ingredients in makeup so you might want to do more than automatically reach for that old faithful make-up bag…


Of course your best colours will enhance your overall natural colouring – and certainly your eyes.  Take ruby red, emerald green or sapphire blue, for example - they are highly saturated colours, so they don't appear too bright or too muted against any background. 


Conversely, in photography, pastels - by their very nature - may look washed out, so layer with brighter solids to balance the look or perhaps avoid them altogether. 


Be careful with black when worn close to the face – it may age you by creating shadows.  If you actually have to wear black because of your profession, lighting and makeup can balance this effect. Otherwise there are other darker colour choices to consider which may be kinder – like Navy.


Of course the hidden secret in your professional images is that all important business confidence that can be portrayed. This is often achieved simply by feeling great in your outfit - the shoulders and jawline soften, the hands relax and tension dissolves - and of course the eyes will show it.


Keep it simple

Be careful to keep things simple. A plethora of choice in the colours and shapes of your clothing, accessories, jewellery and makeup can dull, confuse and distract from getting across that best version of you. 


Don’t forget too, that patterns which look great in person don't always translate well on camera.  Ask yourself whether the pattern is stronger than ‘you’ – if the answer is ‘yes’, you may wish to think about other options like introducing a hint of pattern via an accessory or garment trim  instead of a whole garment.


Slim Chance

Take this opportunity to look your best self by remembering that:


  • Pastels can add volume to the body’s silhouette
  • Matt fabrics can create a smoother body line and
  • Horizontal lines add width. Fact.  For many of us ‘vertical’ is the answer to stream-lining our proportions!


Tricks of the trade

Do give careful consideration to using a professional photographer to capture your image.  They will be mindful of lighting and composition in a way that most of us will not.  They may also help your marketing message by positioning you in a certain attitude, by the inclusion of brand colours or logo; or by clever settings.


If you’re now thinking that you’ve missed a considerable trick in terms of personal branding please get in touch to pick the brains of a personal stylist.  I’m always delighted to share my secrets about clothing and makeup.

© Melanie Brewer


background image - AW15 hobbs london collection


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