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Available in Berkshire and the surrounding counties of Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Wiltshire


As a personal stylist, I find the psychology of dressing a fascinating subject. It’s not just the look of your clothes which affect the way people respond to you, it’s about the positive reaction to your confident and assured approach to life.  And this comes from looking and feeling good.

Over the years there’s been a great deal of research on the subject, for example it’s said that

  • Choosing the right clothes can reduce depression and anxiety
  • Those dressing “like a boss” are more likely to be appointed and quicker to be promoted
  • And that something as simple as wearing the right coloured outfit can hugely influence an athlete's level of success


My focus is refinement rather than fast-fashion

When projecting an ease about yourself can have such a huge positive impact, it’s a shame that working with a personal stylist is sometimes regarded as being a bit frivolous. It’s also often connected to those rather prescriptive colour and type systems traditionally offered by many image consultants.

My unique approach is to help you identify and better your personal style – effectively this may show you what you don’t see about yourself.  It’s this which can transcend that loss of direction, that dip in confidence or that hesitation about your own personal strengths so that you can confidently embrace

  • A new stage in life
  • A change of direction
  • A move to the next level 

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