What the personal stylist asked the vice president of sales

Melanie on Sat 25 Jun

I asked Texan-born, senior software executive, Michael about his personal values and the influence of his dressing style on the business day ahead.  Specialised in positioning start-ups for IPOs, VC investment and global market expansion - he has the "Hook 'Em" mindset.

Top 6 Business Advantages for a Simpler Wardrobe

Melanie on Sat 7 Nov

Scaling down your business wear brings big advantages yet your version of a simpler wardrobe can be different to someone else's. So how do you get a simpler wardrobe which works for you and your personal style and gives you great advantage for your leading role in business?

Thames Valley Business: How a personal stylist helps Green Park Startups

Melanie on Mon 5 Oct

Every business owner will remember their first crucial year - the leap to actually starting their startup.  For the keen entrepreneur, every activity behind the scenes can feel like a priority but how many put personal image in their master plan? .....

Business of dressing when exporting your British brand

Melanie on Fri 12 Jun

There is global demand (it's stronger than ever) for Brand Britain beyond our shores and a 'golden opportunity' for the first-time exporters who have been working hard to maximise their competitive advantage...

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