I’m a British, classically trained personal stylist and I love all-things textiles. To this day I use my honours degree, from the School of Design at De Montfort University, as a reference base.  I get excited about fibres and yarns; about cloth and garment manufacture; about colouration, textile properties and garment design.

Based in Berkshire, I’m passionate about British talent in both design and manufacture and it seems this passion is in the genes.  One Grandmother was a milliner; the other was a bespoke dress maker.  Further back, on my mother’s side, Gladys Shelford was a court dressmaker to Elizabeth Duchess of York – later The Queen Mother.


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Melanie Brewer

As a child I was fascinated by colour and dimension - mixing paints, messing about with fabrics and always making something.  How lucky am I that there’s an adult outlet for those early passions!

I believe my effectiveness as a personal stylist centres on delivering clients clarity in their personal style; a heightened sense of well-being and a happier self-image.  As such I spread the word by being a contributor to The Luxury Channel; BBC Radio; as a guest blogger for Jane Iredale or in my contributions to the newsletters of cloth manufacturers, such as Dormeuil.

Being a guest speaker keeps me on my toes.  Discussions about well-being and personal value always bring new perspectives from the generosity of those in the room. 

I do my bit to support my local breast cancer care group at fund-raising events. I’m also passionate about better environmental thinking in terms of us reducing the amount of clothing sent to landfill; with increasing interest in the health of our one ocean.  I support organisations like @GoneForGoodApp, @Waste_Watch and @mcsuk.  Day to day, as part of that bigger conversation, I help clients to have more selective shopping habits and better planned wardrobes.  

As a Berkshire based Personal Stylist, I not only help you identify the clothes that make you look good and feel good, I also share a lifetime of passion for and experience in the creation, streamlining and managing of your personal wardrobe. 


Please get in touch if you would like help with your image; a presentation workshop on personal styling for your group; or you wish to share an idea with me.  You can use my handy online enquiry form, or my email address, for your convenience.

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