Personal styling for hotel guests

Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa from Wiltshire

As the General Manager of Whatley Manor Hotel we reached out to Melanie to ask her to run a personal styling day for our guests. It was a resounding success. The guests expectations were exceeded in every way - they thought it might be a lecture but Melanie made it very personal and interactive. All attendees took a great deal away from the day and left saying they would be keen to attend again. Melanie is tremendously knowledgeable and a natural presenter.  I would not hesitate to recommend her - she was polished, professional and fun to work with.

--Sue Williams, Hotelier of the Year 2017 


Finding confidence in formal wear

H. Williams from Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Being at my most comfortable in my running gear, I've always found more 'formal' occasions incredibly difficult to dress for. Such occasions have sparked anxiety and finding ways to avoid them. Although I was initially very nervous, Melanie put me at ease straight away and seemed to really understand 'me'. During the two sessions, I relaxed more and more, mostly down to Melanie's professional, friendly manner, and the fact that I could understand what we were trying to achieve through her teaching. Shopping with Melanie was a great experience: rails of clothes ready for me to try on and coffee brought to the changing rooms whenever required! I now feel more confident when 'dressed up', having achieved what we set out to do: create a wardrobe that encapsulated 'me' but a more self-confident version.

Wardrobe Review & Personal Shopping

Vanessa Richards, Chief Operations Officer from Berkshire

Melanie turns shopping, which I generally hate, into an enjoyable experience. She has a great eye for clothes that will suit and I always end up with a collection that I will wear again and again.

Stylist & Fashion Features Writer

The Luxury Channel from London

Since becoming a regular Fashion Features Writer for The Luxury Channel in 2012, Melanie has provided coverage of the uncovered fashion gems and stylish accessories that our HNW audience demands, writing with warmth and passion for her subject matter.  Seeking out timeless style rather than faddy trends means Melanie is in tune with the needs of our discerning readership, and she shares with us a strong belief in quality, craftsmanship and the joy in wearing something that is really well-made.  Her friendly but informative tone has endeared her to The Luxury Channel’s audience, as has the fact that what Melanie doesn’t know about cloth isn’t worth knowing.

Personal Style Review & Shopping

S. Hart, Clinic Owner from Oxfordshire

Melanie, I would very much like to say a huge thank you for all of your input to supporting my choice of new clothes for my personal style. Your eye for style, colour and pattern is so refined and I feel lucky to have been a recipient of your talent.

Speaker & personal styling workshop

Blandy & Blandy LLP from Reading, Berkshire

The afternoon proved very successful, with feedback from our guests describing it as "a great event", "highly enjoyable" and "insightful". Thank you, Melanie!

Business wardrobe review

C. Green, Telecoms Manager from West Berkshire

I really enjoyed our session, you've given me so many new ideas and a renewed enthusiasm for my wardrobe. Before, I felt totally overwhelmed while shopping and I found myself regularly buying the same types of clothes.  Now I understand what to look for in terms of fit, colour and detail and I'm excited to hit the shops!

Wardrobe audit for CEO

Mr T from Chelsea, London

It was a pleasure to meet you and understand the full potential of my personal style.  I was grateful for your honesty and the clarity your sessions have given me. Thank you, Melanie.

Stylist & Features Writer

Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury

Melanie was instrumental in our sell out fashion showcase (and editorial) at Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury.  Melanie somehow selected and co-ordinated close to 600 individual items for our models and dancers, which not only made for a brilliant event, but drove sales to all participating retailers in the following days. I would not hesitate in working with Melanie in the future.

Refining colour palette & outfit building

L. Thompson, Coach from North Hants

You have opened my eyes to the seemingly obvious things which I have spectacularly missed over the years.  Plus, tackled that skirt phobia !! Your professionalism and warm, empathetic approach made the whole experience fun, enjoyable and really useful. I'm moving forward confidently now with fresh eyes. A truly lovely lady, I really feel I have met a new friend to rescue my wardrobe.

Stylist for Jigsaw Womenswear

Store Manager from Berkshire

We’re so excited about our new collection and what better way to welcome it all in with you there to put everyone at ease, offering the expert style advice they so obviously trust - your rapport with each individual was just marvellous.

Selective shopping list

G. Ridge from Caversham, Berkshire

Melanie… worked with me on a particular styling project but throughout provided great ideas and sense that I could apply well beyond the project. Her focus on the client at the outset is only surpassed by her spot on follow up and commitment to producing happy clients.

Nothing to wear

Rachel C from Finchampstead, Berkshire

Even though my wardrobe was tidy and well-ordered I was still struggling to pull outfits together that I felt really good in. Plus I felt the mistakes were happening too frequently and I wanted to understand why. Melanie is skilled and experienced in what she does but also a very genuine lady who is great fun to be with.

Launching the next phase of a business

S. Jackson from Mortimer, Berkshire

I am so delighted with my recent wardrobe review. We focussed mainly but not exclusively on my work outfits. Melanie surprised me by showing me colours I hadn’t yet worn and helped me to put together stylish combinations of clothing and jewellery I already owned, but had never considered.

Bespoke makeup tutorial

Jennifer S from Reading, Berkshire

An afternoon consultation all about me.  Best makeup tutorial on the planet and alot of fun.  Can't recommend Melanie's care, knowledge and expertise highly enough, not to mention a brand new makeup kit, without sensitising ingredients, built around me and what I truly need!

Speaker & Stylist for Thames Valley Start-Ups

Green Park from Reading, Berkshire

ConnectTVT (Connecting Thames Valley Tech) was lucky enough to work with one of the Thames Valley's warmest, creative and passionate personal stylists. A massive thank you to you Melanie for the makeover sessions and for being our event speaker on values and personal branding for our Thames Valley startup community.

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