Business Wardrobe for Leaders, Owners and Entrepreneurs

My more savvy business leaders have included personal branding as part of their company's branding.  Indeed one specifically put a section in her business plan about seeking professional advice from a personal stylist to regularly review her personal image.  Smart lady! 


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There seems to be three main occasions when an image stylist is regarded as key to business success:

  • Upon launch
  • When seeking the confidence to take business to the next level
  • When business success propels the owners into the public eye

In practical terms I make it quicker and easier for business owners

  • to buy and select outfits
  • to identify best fabric choices for frequent travellers and
  • to find stylish outfits that project calm confidence and reflect professional wisdom

Like you I have a business like approach to delivering my services.  One client spoke of a "fast-tracked project with spot-on results".  If that sounds like your sort of personal stylist I’d love to hear from you


image - A by Jigsaw - London Fashion Week February 2018


Launching the next phase of a business

I am so delighted with my recent wardrobe review.  We focussed mainly but not exclusively on my work outfits.  Melanie surprised me by showing me colours I hadn’t yet worn and helped me to put together stylish combinations of clothing and jewellery I already owned, but had never considered.”

S.  Jackson

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